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Model 270, 270U

Model 270 - Boots for teens, with extension
Model 270U - Boots for teens, with extension, warm
Shoe Size Charts: 172-217
Height: 25
Number in the box: 14
The color spectrum of the model:
signalno-dark blue olive ruby dark blue

The small school boots can be choose to suit every taste. The models 270, 270 У are produced by a two-component molding technology. Inside - insulated socks made of felt, that allows you to wear shoes when frequently changing temperature, it is easily dried. Due to the thickness of the soles the feet are protected when walking on uneven surfaces.

Packing by size or assortment:

size / number of pairs 172 180 187 195 202 210 217
assorted goods 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Shoe Size Charts:
Metric Scale(Mondopoint)172180187195202210217
Paris points(EUR)28293031323334

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