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Model 240, 240M

Model 240 - Boots for teens
Model 240M - Boots for teens, muton
Shoe Size Charts: 225-262
Height: 25
Number in the box: 10
The color spectrum of the model:
eggplant dark blue black

We began to produce beautiful, comfortable model only with the best materials; the manufacturing method is the three-component molding. This technology has provided very important properties for comfort: -Shock-absorbing (the effect of jogging shoes soles), -Thermoinsulating (due to the foam - the hot sole), -Non-skid. The boots are equipped with a fur sock-thermoinsulator that protects the feet against cold.

The production technology and design ideas are not standing still, because our fashion-designers are happy to offer you the boots of all kinds of shades that attract a youth audience of its practicality and interesting color decisions.

It is a pleasure to walk in these small boots in the rain!

Packing by size or assortment:

size / number of pairs 225 232 240 247 255 262
assorted goods 1 1 2 2 2 2 1
assorted goods 2
- 2 2 2 2 2
Shoe Size Charts:
Metric Scale(Mondopoint)225232240247255262
Paris points(EUR)353637383940

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