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Model 230, 230M

Model 230 - Boots for Teens
Model 230M - Boots for teens, muton
Shoe Size Charts: 172-217
Height: 24
Number in the box: 14
The color spectrum of the model:
pink ruby olive ocean lilac dark blue signalno-dark blue

It often happens that behind the window is the pouring rain in torrents, and the child still has to go outside to catch the school. An important task - to choose for the child a good boots made of PVC, as the conquerors of puddles without them simply can not do. This model is very popular and meets all health and hygiene regulations, standards and design requirements.

The models 230, 230M are produced by modern technology of three-component molding. There is an intermediate layer of foamed PVC soles, which has a shock-absorbing and heat-shielding properties, which makes the shoe more comfortable to wear - the children will not feel the road roughness and cold puddles. The combination with a variety of colorful thermoinsulator gives to the shoes even more appeal and diversity, which allows you to choose it to any schoolboy outerwear kit.

Packing by size or assortment:

size / number of pairs 172 180 187 195 202 210 217
assorted goods 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Shoe Size Charts:
Metric Scale(Mondopoint)172180187195202210217
Paris points(EUR)28293031323334

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