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Model 223

Model 223 - Boots for children, Alaska Shoe Size Charts: 142-165
Height: 17
Number in the box: 24
The color spectrum of the model:
ruby pink olive dark blue signalno-dark blue

Children are our main wealth. They are surrounded by love and care. Therefore, a series of small childrens boots were created with increased requirements for practicality and comfort, taking into account the fashion trends of colors and patterns. In the production of this model necessarily taken into consideration the ergonomics of infant foot.

You can walk with the baby on the lawn, grass, earth, at any time of year and do not worry that your childrens shoes will become worthless, soiled or gets wet - do not worry about it! In the small childrens boots, your babys little feet are always dry.

Models 220, 220M are produced by the most advanced technology of three-component molding in the world. This technology has provided a very important features for the comfort of childrens feet:

- Shock-absorbing (the effect of jogging shoes soles, the little feet do not get tired)

- Thermoinsulating (the hot sole, which is very important for the baby)

- Non-skid.

Due to the varying PVC quality of each layer of soles the small boots have a higher comfort, durability and ease. The boots are equipped with a fur sock-thermoinsulator that protects the feet against cold.

The upper of the small short boots is water-repellent fabric (WRU) relined through foam-rubber with fur - the feet are warm and protected from moisture. The model is equipped with colored cord with a lock - the pollution does not penetrate into the small short boots. An elegant combination of decorative colored braid, tongue, trimming from the fur gives to the model a finished laconic appearance, well complementing any childs clothing.

Packing by assortment:

size / number of pairs

142 150 157 165

assorted goods 1

6 6 6 6


Shoe Size Charts:
Metric Scale(Mondopoint)142150157165
Paris points(EUR)24252627

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