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Model 220/01R, 220/01RU

Model 220R - Children\'s boots
Model 220RM - Children\'s boots, warm
Shoe Size Charts: 225-262
Height: 17
Number in the box: 12
The color spectrum of the model:
turquoise pink dark blue

This season, with the openwork lace are covered all conceivable and inconceivable elements of a wardrobe. The designers at «Dune» following the world fashions designers have presented a new model of the openwork small boots for young fashionable women.

The small boots look remarkably on the child thanks to the guipure and thus emphasize its individuality and originality. The footwear is represented in different colors.

You can walk with the baby on the lawn, grass, earth, at any time of year and not worry that your girls shoes will become worthless, soiled or gets wet - do not worry about it! In small childrens boots, your babys little feet are always dry.

The rubber small childrens boots with the guipure (openwork) - a good mood for you and your child even in the rainy weather.

Packing by assortment:

size / number of pairs

142 150 157 165

assorted goods 1

6 6 6 6
Shoe Size Charts:
Metric Scale(Mondopoint)142150157165
Paris points(EUR)24252627

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